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To find out more about attending Trey Whitfield School, please complete our online inquiry form, click here to request for more information
Our optional and convenient online admissions process is easy to use. You can save your entries wherever you left off and login in again later to complete the forms.  In order to begin online admissions, note that you must make an appointment to take an assessment and subsequent interview with administration. Our assessment date is Saturday, March 24, 2018. Please email or call 718.342.7722 xt 7 regarding this assessment toward admissions. 
There is a $20.00 fee to use our online admissions, which you can pay after your child completes our assessment. To pay this fee, click this button:
After paying the fee, come back to this page to proceed with the necessary online admissions forms - please click here.  
We also provide paper forms, if you wish, at no charge - please ask for the forms after your child's assessment is completed. 
If you have started the online admissions process and wish to resume where you left off, login here.