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At Trey Whitfield School, we value the connection with our former students. While our records may have gaps, we're committed to rekindling those ties. Help us fill in the missing pieces by reaching out and sharing your story. Together, we can rebuild our alumni community!

Excellence through the Decades

Jasmine Burton Class of 2021 - Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School

Iisis Chestnut Class of 2012- Brooklyn College Academy -Morgan State University -Master of Public Policy, University of Maryland, College Park  - Policy Advisor- The White House and Program Analyst, Department of Housing and Urban Development 



Ciera Burden Class of 2013 - Brewster Academy - Spelman College - Business Technology Analyst

Velvet Chestnut Class of 2010 - Eagle Hill - Quinnipiac University -  Attendance Coordinator and Alumni Relations Associate 

Jasmine Towns- Class of 2009- Brewster Academy- North Caronline A&T

Tiffani Brathwaite - Class of 2008 - Bishop Loughlin Memorial High school - Lead Stylist at Salon 718

Gianni Daniels-Staley Class of 2007 - St. Edmund Preparatory High School - University of Bridgeport -Southern New Hampshire University  - Assistant Program Director (Without Limits After School): KIPP AMP Middle School Audio/Visual: Brooklyn Community Church

Shannon Brathwaite - Class of 2007 -Hotchkiss School 

Tyrrel Williams - Class of 2006 - Benjamin Banneker High school - Owner of T&G Long Haul Trucking





Jaleith Gary  Clas of 2001 - Chatham Hall - Colgate University 

Danah Gordon Class of 2000- Brewster Academy - University of Albany

Patricia Branch  Class of 2000 - St. Mark's School - Emory University - Harvard Business School - Associate Partner


Kari Gibbs - Class of 1990- Brewster Academy - Spelman College - Georgetown University - Attorney 

Derek McNeil - Class of 1984 - Cushing Academy - Connecticut College- Rutgers University - Senior Managing Director

Tonya Giddens - Class of 1983 - Norfolk State University

Stay Connected!

We may have lost touch, but we haven't forgotten you! Help us keep Bethlehem Baptist Academy & Trey Whitfield School memories alive and continue our legacy by filling out our alumni form. We can't wait to catch up with you!