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Since the 2004-2005 school year, Trey Whitfield School has been in its current location. This fully renovated five-story building provides students with a comfortable atmosphere for learning.

Children attending the school are ethnically representative of the area. Ninety-eight percent are African American. Since the move to the new location, the school's Hispanic population has doubled and is expected to continue to grow. Most students come from hardworking households where one or both parents work, some times more than one job.

The professionally trained staff has developed a character based and academically advanced curriculum. The scope and sequenced curriculum stresses literacy fundamentals such as the development of strong writing, reading, and math skills. At the same time, the school encourages its students to strive for academic excellence in all their studies. Part of the school's mission is to "develop a love for learning. . ." As part of the New York City Department of Education accreditation, students take an annual academic test in which they score in the top 15% of all students in the City of New York. The school's high attendance rates are also indicative of an institution that is successfully establishing and maintaining high standards.

There are no loud noises, kids out of control, or graffiti on the walls at the Trey Whitfield School. Confidence is built by teaching in each classroom morals, accountability, leadership, character development, order, and old world values. Discipline is cushioned by the teachers' love and affection so that students enjoy going to school. Intimidation or demeaning behavior of students or teachers is not tolerated. Uniforms promote equity between students. Respect for others and one's self is paramount.

The subdivisions of the Trey Whitfield School share one philosophy, that is, we separately and collectively seek to further and enrich the lives of the children in our care.