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Welcome to Trey Whitfield School

Since 2005, our fully renovated five-story building, located in East New York Brooklyn, has stood as a symbol of excellence, providing a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere for learning. With a commitment to inclusivity, our ethnically representative student body reflects the vibrant community.

Our dedicated and professionally trained staff upholds a character-based and academically advanced curriculum, placing emphasis on literacy fundamentals and nurturing a profound love for learning. Our high attendance rates exemplify our unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest standards.

At Trey Whitfield School, our focus on building confidence extends beyond academics, as we instill morals, accountability, leadership, and character development in our students. The positive atmosphere is further enhanced by our teachers' love and affection, creating an environment where intimidation or demeaning behavior is not tolerated. Uniforms promote equity, and the paramount value of respect is instilled in each student.

Founded over 40 years ago by Ms. Janie C. Whitney, driven by her passion for children, and supported by A.B. Whitfield, an educator with 35 years of experience, Trey Whitfield School stands as a testament to their dedication. Originally known as Bethlehem Baptist Academy, the school changed its name in honor of their son, Trey Whitfield, who tragically died in a boating accident a few days before his high school graduation.