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Trey Whitfield, a proud product of Brooklyn, New York, embodied the spirit of determination and excellence from a young age. Awarded a full scholarship to Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, in 1986, Trey left an indelible mark during his time there. Engaging actively in theater and contributing significantly to the baseball and basketball teams, he led his basketball team to victory in the New England State Championship during his junior year.

Standing at an impressive 6'8" and weighing 240 pounds, Trey's prowess as a power forward earned him national acclaim, with schools like Pepperdine, Boston College, University of Massachusetts, University of Richmond, and Purdue vying for his talents. Opting for the University of Richmond due to its strong academic foundation and coaching, Trey not only excelled on the court but also dedicated countless hours to his community, counseling young people in summer camps and participating in leagues like the Metro Basketball Camp in Pennsylvania.

Tragically, a boating accident cut short Trey's promising life just days before graduation. However, his legacy endures through the fond memories of family, friends, fans, and classmates who remember him for his unwavering commitment to scholarship, friendship, and competition.

In honor of Trey's memory, the Trey Whitfield School was established to fulfill his dream—a vision where every individual, regardless of their background, receives an equitable opportunity for education. The school aims to extend a helping hand to every child, ensuring that each youngster receives support from those who genuinely care. Trey's impact on countless lives during his brief 18 years continues to inspire many to pursue higher education, and his spirit lives on in the hearts of those who knew and loved him.


Read an article written about Trey Whitfield by TJ Palmer, Trey's U.S. History Teacher, in 2014.


Brewster Academy meant so much to Trey,” says A.B. “And so much to our family. To keep that flame alive, keep Trey’s legacy alive… I can’t tell you how important that has been to me. To have an ongoing connection with the school that Trey loved so much has helped ease the pain of the loss of our son. Brewster is deep in our hearts.”