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Brewster Academy

Janie Whitney and A.B. Whitfield, parents of late Brewster student Trey Whitfield '89, have fostered a profound bond between Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro, NH and Trey Whitfield School in Brooklyn, NY. Following Trey's tragic passing in 1989, A.B. and Janie transformed the Trey Whitfield School and dedicated their work to providing underserved children with a nurturing educational environment. Over the years, the Janie & A.B. have maintained a close relationship with Brewster Academy, annually sending students to Brewster and fostering reciprocal mentoring programs. This partnership, rooted in shared values of inclusion and academic excellence, continues to enrich the lives of students from both schools, honoring Trey's memory and his dream of making a positive impact on children's lives.

Eagle Hill

Eagle Hill School in Hardwick, MA, has long been at the forefront of specialized education, providing tailored learning experiences for children with diverse learning profiles. A significant contributor to this mission has been Janie Whitney, a dedicated member of the Board of Trustees. Her involvement has been instrumental in forging a meaningful partnership between Eagle Hill School and the Trey Whitfield School. This collaboration is highlighted by an ongoing commitment to inclusivity and educational enrichment through which a select number of students from Trey Whitfield School are annually invited to participate in Eagle Hill's esteemed summer program. This initiative not only honors Janie Whitney's commitment to education but also continues to foster a nurturing environment where students can thrive and explore their potential during the summer months, thereby enhancing their educational journeys year-round.

40+ Years of Boarding School Connections

Brewster Academy
Jade Hall, 2022
Indigo Brown, 2020
Jawan Lawson, 2020
Shemar Joseph, 2019
Trinity Towns, 2019
Ciera Burden, 2017
Ronald Toney, 2016
Najee Francis, 2015
Symphany Rochford, 2014
Elston Bell, 2014
Jasmine Towns, 2013
Kaija Thomas, 2013
Keshia Blair, 2011
Sakari Joseph, 2011
Isiah Pringle, 2010
Amanda Graham, 2010
Adejah Taylor, 2009
Kendra Windsor, 2009
Whitney White, 2007
Veronika Payne, 2006
Dahlia Marcano, 2006
Nikeiva Crawford-Neely, 2005
Danah Gordon-WIlliams, 2004
Jasmine Hamlor, 2004
Daneira Randolph, 2003
James Walker, 2003
Charles Glover, 2002
Candice Long, 2001
Bruce Hawkins, 2001
Sarah Washington, 1999
Deeon Brown, 1998
Levar Saunders, 1997
David Rubino, 1997
Shayla Coleman, 1996
Kari Gibbs, 1994
Shonda Stewart, 1992
Edward Cobb, 1992
 Trey Whitfield, 1989

Chapel Hill - Chauncy Hall
Safiya Fraser, 2004

Chatham Hall
Chanel Fobes, 2012
Jalieth Gary, 2005

Cushing Academy
Derek McNeil, 1990
Roger Crawford, 1989

Deerfield Academy
Jamel Irving, 2001

Dublin School
Aliyah Westbrook, 2013
Karion Smith, 2013
Myles Jones, 2012
Blair-Michael Jones, 2009
Jamila Grant, 2009
Alexandria Farrell, 2008
Brent Ford, 2005
Ashley Farrell, 2006
Rodist Parker, 2005
Richard Grant, 2004
Tareva John, 2003
Jonathan Connell, 2003
Alea Jordan, 2002
Tracy Armstrong, 2002
Shatema Reedy, 2002


Eagle Hill
Alexia Ford, 2016
Machiah Norville, 2014
Velvet Chestnut, 2014

Hotchkiss School
Shannon Brathwaite, 2011

New Hampton School
Jeffrey Brathwaite, 2013
Don Brathwaite, 2010
Clebreya Parris, 2009
Brian Norville, 2007
Kenya Alleyne, 2006
Ricky Browne, 2005
Natasha Campbell, 2004
Matthew Dorsey, 2003
Bevlin Campbell, 2002
Maurice Harper, 1998
Justin McCumings, 1998
Julius Franklin, 1998
Jarred Cowart, 1998

St. Mark's School
Dawn Santiago, 2007
Patricia Branch, 2004
Nadine Dillion, 2002

The Williston Northampton School
Takeasha Henderson, 1997
Damon Buchanan, 1995
Robert Crayton, 1995
Shari-Ann Gordon, 1995
Zuleka Henderson, 1995

The Winchendon School
Yuan Newton, 1999

The Annual Trey Whitifeld Basketball Invitational at Brewster Academy